Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are increasingly becoming more popular and essential because of the level of ease it provides to open and close garage doors. A garage door opener makes opening an otherwise large, heavy, cumbersome door easy, rather than manual labour. To ensure efficiency and smooth operation, let Enlive Doors do it for you! A licensed tech will install the door and advise you on how to use the door opener accordingly. 

Garage doors come in different heights and widths and based on the door’s specifications, the garage door opener must be compatible. For example, heavier garage doors need a strong garage door opener and this metric depends on its motor.

The professionals at Enlive Doors are experts in the garage door industry and will happily provide our insight into what is the most suitable choice of opener for your door.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage doors are indispensable for a number of reasons, most notably, to store your vehicle, as an extra room for storage, and as the preferred entryway into your home. Thus, if an issue with your opener were to arise, this is problematic and can become increasingly more stressful. Reality is however, garage doors can and will malfunction. Sometimes it may be totally out of your control such as a big storm causing the breakdown, or maybe just the battery died. Whether it is a mechanical failure or human error, action needs to be taken. When this happens, it’s imperative to contact Enlive Doors. We are the very best garage door opener repair technicians on the scene for homeowners in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Newmarket and many others. Our team is guaranteed to fix any issue you may have, right then and there on the spot. This way, you don’t have to wait any longer to secure your valuables and the security of your possessions will no longer be in limbo. 

COMMON Garage Door Opener PROBLEMS

When our technicians arrive, we diagnose your garage door to determine if the problem is opener related, or if the issue is more so linked to any other parts malfunctioning. Prepared and ready to go forth fixing with tools on the scene, we complete a quote first so you the homeowner knows exactly what will be done and the according costs to go with it. You will be given the full details of what needs to be repaired. Once agreed upon, our technicians begin working on making any repairs or adjustments right away.

A garage door opener may fail for a number of reasons. The most common issues related to residential garage door openers are:

  • Dead batteries in the remote control
  • The door needs lubrication
  • The safety sensors are out of alignment
  • The track is not aligned properly
  • The garage door’s path may be blocked
  • The springs are broken

Garage Door Opener Types

There are five types of drives used in garage openers. Enlive Doors’ trained technicians how to handle all types of garage doors and how the opener is intended to function in accordance.

  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers: use a steel-reinforced rubber belt for smoother, quieter, faster operation. We advise regular maintenance check ups because these types of openers can be negatively affected by heat or humidity.
  • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers: use a hefty chain, very bicycle-like. This is the popular choice for standard aluminum doors. Chain drive garage openers are strong, less likely to slip, are more durable, and are budget-friendly.
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers: are compact in size, ideal for lower ceilings. These powerful and reliable openers require consistent, but minimal maintenance. They do not squeak or clank. This budget-friendly opener is perfect for wider, heavier doors, and moves a little smoother and slower than other types. 
  • Wall Mount or Jackshaft Garage Door Openers: designed to be attached to walls. They use a rope and pulley system with a tension spring to move the door up and down. They are easier, safer, and ideal for a cathedral or high ceilings over 10 feet and large vehicles. 
  • Smart Garage Door Openers: Wi-Fi enabled, offering a wide range of monitoring, control and customization options, including: remote access and alerts, smartphone compatible, smart home integration, Bluetooth speakers, an adjustable fan and dual-laser parking-assist modules.

garage door OPENER REPAIR IN Toronto

Enlive Doors are the professional garage door technicians you need to select and install the best garage door opener. If your garage door opener is stuck, noisy, misaligned or just needs an upgrade, choose from any number of our quality garage door types and trusted brands for an improved garage door experience. Call us today for a free estimate and get ready to enjoy a smoother, more efficient garage door opening process each and every day!

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